В поисках каравая (madjara) wrote,
В поисках каравая

Пятьдесят оттенков финансов

Ужасно смешной блог Fifty Shades of Finance - жалко только, редко обновляется. Короткие - буквально на пару абзацев - зарисовки о финансистах, написанные в стиле "Пятидесяти оттенков серого":

- She finally looked at it and he heard her draw her breath. Would Edward provoke a liquidity crisis or finally free up her cash flows?

- I took a step towards him. I would service his debt. Unsubordinated.

- The interest was enormous. She could picture herself compounding it, non-stop, year on year. It was a variable rate loan, and she licked her lips in anticipation, thinking about how it would grow slowly before her eyes

Хорошо пишут, чувствую, авторы - настоящие профи :)
Tags: 50, fifty, работа
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